Thank you for taking the time to complete our online test. The purpose of this test is to assess your passive knowledge of English. On completion of the test, you will receive your score (percentage) and a Common European Framework (CEF) level.

Please note that CEF levels combine active and passive language usage. This test will only provide an indication of your passive knowledge and is therefore not completely representative of your true level.

The test comprises two parts: Part A (40 multiple choice questions) tests your lexical knowledge (range of vocabulary, use of prepositions and expressions etc.). Part B (40 gap fill questions) tests your knowledge of English grammar by means of verb conjugation.

Once you have completed part B, please click on ‘send test’ which will save your answers and send us your results. You will then receive your score in percentages and a Common European Framework (CEF) level.
If you do not click on ‘send test’ your results will not be processed.

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